About Us

About Us VMO

Vegetable Marketing Organization (VMO) was established in year of 1946 according to the Agricultural Products (Marketing) Ordinance, we are a self-financing, non-profit making organization with the aim to provide public with local premium vegetables, for example accredited vegetables, organic vegetables and hydroponic veggies. Meanwhile we actively develop different sales channels and conduct various activities to promote the development of local premium vegetables. VMO operates a wholesale vegetable market at Cheung Sha Wan, and provides wholesalers and buyers with trading facilities, accounting and other premium services. Our vision is to provide the community with reliable and plentiful supply of safe and quality vegetables and to facilitate the sustainable development of local agriculture.

About Us FMO

The Fish Marketing Organization (FMO) was first established under the Defence Regulations in 1945 to assist in the post-war rehabilitation of the fishing fleet and to provide facilities for the orderly and efficient marketing of marine fish, whereby the industry could be developed and the socio-economic status of the fishing community be improved. Subsequently the Marine Fish (Marketing) Ordinance, Cap. 291, enacted in 1962, provides the legal framework for the establishment and operation of the FMO. The FMO now operates seven wholesale fish markets located at Aberdeen, Shau Kei Wan, Kwun Tong, Cheung Sha Wan, Castle Peak, Tai Po and Sai Kung. Our vision is to provide the local fishing industry and fisheries trade sector an orderly and efficient wholesale marketing system and facilities for marine fish so as to maintain a reliable and steady supply of marine fish to local consumers.

The FMO committed to promotion of local fisheries products. The FMO develops quality fisheries products at its fish processing centre and brings local premium fisheries products from capture fisheries and aquaculture to the public through its marketing network.